Vegan Banana Pancakes

Vegan banana pancakes

Banana Pancakes These vegan banana pancakes are a great hearty breakfast and perfect to eat on a cold morning. Whenever friends come and stay, they are insistent on having two breakfasts namely, my toasted buckwheat cereal and these banana pancakes – they simply cannot choose between them. This recipe serves […]

Avocado on rye toast

Vegan Avocado on Rye Toast

Avocado on Rye Toast Wow, if you’re looking for a healthy breakfast or lunch with a kick, this avocado on rye toast will do just the job! I love fresh flavours of the ginger, coriander and chilli and with all the winter bugs about, this dish gives a great immune […]

Yummy Vanilla Chai Muffins!

Vegan Vanilla Chai Muffins

Vegan Vanilla Chai Muffins This is my recipe for Vegan Vanilla Chai Muffins. These wonderful vegan muffins are super easy to make and very satisfying to eat! I use chia seeds instead of eggs to bind the mixture and the results have been lovely.  The vanilla chai muffins are light in […]

delicious toasted buckwheat breakfast

Toasted Vegan Buckwheat Cereal

Vegan Toasted Buckwheat Cereal When I first became interested in the vegan way of eating I struggled occasionally with breakfast.  Every breakfast in the shops contained massive amounts of sugar and they all seemed to be filled with wheat. Whilst wheat and sugar are not necessarily bad for a vegan […]