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Vegan black bean and lentil lasagne

Vegan Black Bean and Lentil Lasagne

Black Bean and Lentil Lasagne This is a lovely black bean and lentil lasagne dish and one that does not leave you feeling bloated unlike traditional lasagne which is made using lasagne sheets made of wheat.  Also, this recipe high in protein due to the black beans and lentils so […]

Sweet potato polenta chips

Vegan Sweet Potato Polenta Chips

Sweet Potato Polenta Chips I love sweet potato so I’m always ready to tuck into these vegan sweet potato polenta fries.  The polenta helps crisp the fries up nicely.  I also use a mesh oven tray so that the heat can circulate all around which also helps with crispness (I […]

Baked Turmeric Cauliflower

Vegan Baked Turmeric Cauliflower

Baked Turmeric Cauliflower This vegan baked turmeric cauliflower is a great dish to make as side dish to a fabulous curry like my Jackfruit Curry or to eat on its own (as I often do!). Turmeric has amazing properties and well known for reducing inflammation in the body which assists healing.  Just […]

Vegan Jackfruit Curry

Vegan Jackfruit Curry

Jackfruit Curry This delicious vegan Jackfruit Curry is so simple to make and really tasty.  A great dish all year round and even better for a Friday night curry! Have you ever heard of Jackfruit?  Don’t worry if you haven’t as I didn’t until I became vegan.  Jackfruit is a […]

vegan cauliflower cheese

Vegan Cauliflower Cheese

Cauliflower Cheese I so missed cheese when I decided to transition to vegan that I just had to find alternatives and this vegan cauliflower cheese recipe really hits the spot! This recipe serves 4 I like to serve mine with sweet potato polenta oven baked fries and peas.