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hearty vegan black bean burger

Vegan Black Bean Burger

Hearty vegan black bean burger I adore butternut squash and black beans so what better way to have them but together in a delicious vegan black bean burger! This recipe provides 8 good sized burgers    

vegan bean chilli with sweet potato fries

Vegan Bean Chilli

My recipe for Vegan Bean Chilli The vegan diet is often associated with beans and this recipe for my vegan bean chilli is one of my favourites. I love chilli and heat in my dishes and the fact that I can adjust the chilli heat to suit different guests is wonderful. You […]

raw vegan pad thai

Vegan Pad Thai

My Vegan Pad Thai Recipe I adore this vegan Pad Thai and it is so easy to prepare and wonderfully satisfying to eat.  It takes a little extra time to prepare as the ingredients need to be spiralized but the taste is remarkable and it is wonderfully nutritious. This Pad Thai […]

vegan wakame salad

Raw Vegan Wakame Salad

Vegan Wakame Salad On my travels in corporate life, I often had the good fortune to eat in some amazing restaurants. One of my favourite dishes in Japan was a raw vegan wakame salad.  Occasionally I would find it back in the UK in decent Japanese restaurants or even Yo […]