vegan hummus with toasted pine nuts

Vegan Hummus

My recipe for Vegan Hummus Vegan Hummus is super easy to make and a great source of protein for vegans and non vegans alike. My hummus recipe uses organic chickpeas but you can use non organic ones if you want to make the recipe a little cheaper and still achieve great results. This delicious […]

tasty guacamole

Vegan Guacamole

My favourite recipe for Vegan Guacamole Vegan Guacamole is a firm favourite in my house.  It’s quick and easy to prepare and mixes good fats, heat from the chilli and amazing flavours from the tomatoes and coriander. You can use basil leaves if you prefer and these are great in the summer. […]

vegan wakame salad

Raw Vegan Wakame Salad

Vegan Wakame Salad On my travels in corporate life, I often had the good fortune to eat in some amazing restaurants. One of my favourite dishes in Japan was a raw vegan wakame salad.  Occasionally I would find it back in the UK in decent Japanese restaurants or even Yo […]