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Good Health With Udo’s

Good Health With Udo’s Choice

I was a little sceptical when I was told you could get good health with Udo’s Choice products and I think it’s sometimes a case of you need to try for yourself before you can believe in it.

So, a little background; before I started regularly taking Udo’s microbiotics, I was frequently catching viruses whether it be a cold (I had many each year!) or a stomach virus.  I was aware that my white blood count was quite low which was another reason for having lower immunity leaving myself wide open to anything within sneezing distance.  It got to the point that I became a little paranoid about touching anything in public e.g. holding on to an escalator, opening a door, touching a cafe table – all these simple every activities felt very risky to me as I would likely get sick within a couple of days of being ‘exposed’ to germs.

After taking Udo’s microbiotics regularly (these are small capsules, each containing billions of live healthy bacteria to increase gut health), I believe they ‘fixed’ me.  I soon had a very strong gut and I knew this because I was no longer catching viruses despite all around me dropping like flies.

I was so convinced I was fixed, when my Udo’s microbiotics ran out, I didn’t purchase any more, because I’m super woman now right?  Wrong!!!  Admittedly, it took about a year however, my health once again deteriorated and I was back catching every virus on the planet (or at least, it felt that way).

When I recently contracted the latest virus (Aussie Flu), I went straight back to Udo’s and since being back on the microbiotics for only a week or so now, I have already noticed a real difference.  I’m confident the Aussie virus would have hit me far harder and lasted longer had I not started taking these magic little bundles of bacteria again.

It’s only fair to point out, these are vegetarian not vegan as the capsule itself may contain traces of milk.  I know it’s not perfect but you could always open the capsule and tip the contents into water, juice, etc. if you wish to play safe and not consume any milk.

Did you know that your overall health emanates from your gut??  Neither did I until I was educated on it.  There is a great book out there called GUT from Julia Enders which explains why your gut is so important to your overall health.  I highly recommend this enlightened read.  Let every day be a school day :).

Another great product I use is Udo’s Ultimate oil (this is vegan) as I am prone to the monthly hormonal imbalance like a majority of ladies out there.  In addition, something I learned from a great raw food chef is that, unless you consume a little oil with your greens, you won’t get the full benefit of your greens as your body cannot absorb all their goodness without the oil.

Talking about greens, if you can’t get your daily greens or wish to have a boost, I also recommend Udo’s Beyond Greens (this is also vegan).  This is a powder form which you can add to drinks.  To me, this tastes a little like a weak green tea but everyone tastes things differently.  I like to have a heaped teaspoon in a pint glass of water each morning however, you can drink it as you wish – in a smoothie, juice, water, etc.  Not in hot drinks though as it would kill all of the goodness.

I really do believe you can achieve good health with Udo’s so give it a go.  It may prove to be just what you need to give your health a boost!

Don’t forget to let me know how you get on 🙂


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