Welcome to Vegan Roots!

I have been a vegan since spring 2014 and have learned so much about this remarkable way of eating that I wish to share my experiences, likes, dislikes and discoveries through this new website I’ve created.

Having had issues with my weight, health and lifestyle, a change had to happen.  I was searching for a diet regime and had tried all of the usual things with little results.  I would lose weight, feel better for a short while and then put the weight back on again (and more).

Plant based eating suited me in so many ways.  Not only did I lose my excess weight, I discovered taste buds that I didn’t know I had.  The main benefit was to my health and my life has never been the same since I became vegan.

This way of eating doesn’t have to be hard, it’s actually really good fun as you explore new things to make with plant based produce and it’s inexpensive!

Being vegan is a choice that is so easy to make and occasionally hard to stick with (I still miss cheese!).  However, there are many ways you can be prepared and enjoy this healthy way of eating without any of the hassles normally associated with so-called “diets”.

Forget the addictive aspects of refined sugar and the bloating associated with wheat.  You will learn all about the misdirection used by the mass-produced food manufacturers which will help you to make informed choices to create your own perfect diet.

Plant based cuisine is often thought of as just eating lettuce and wheat grass but there’s so much more.  It just takes a little creativity. My taste buds have really come alive since moving to a plant based diet.  Raw food, creative cooking, activated foods and inspiring recipes have made my eating habits and my health phenomenal.

The main focus of my website will be on food as this is my passion.  My aim is to inform and educate in a fun way and to share the culinary delights of everything vegan.

Your vegan friend



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